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Bridges Academy is a college preparatory school for “twice-exceptional” students in grades 5-12. The term twice-exceptional or “2e” refers to students who are gifted (one exception) and who also have learning differences or disabilities (the other exception). Bridges Academy empowers students to thrive through small classes, differentiated instruction, and a compassionate community in which both gifts and differences are recognizes and respected.

FIRST Team 4019

FIRST Team 4019 is a rigorous academic club that allows our students to use their intellectual gifts and talents, and encourages them to think outside the box. Participating in FIRST Robotics provides our students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of physics, engineering, computer programming, and media technology to a hands-on project and then demonstrate their talent at a national level. Team 4019 reaches students who learn differently, gives them a hands-on opportunity for science learning, and encourages teamwork and friendship among students.
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